Rash On A Penis

Rash On A Penis

Red Penis Rash. Red penis rash is common to occur during someones lifetime and varies with age and setting, it can be many things. Balanitis is one of the most common, and is a natural infection under the foreskin, which is the most common reason for a red penis.

If the rash is severe or if the doctor is unsure of the diagnosis or suspects an underlying cause, a swab from around glans penis and under the foreskin may be sent to the lab for testing.

Rash on penis is always linked to sexually transmitted diseases, (STD) or Infections, (STI). It creates a concern about possible exposure to venereal diseases. However, there are different kinds of rashes that can occur on the penis shaft, head or the foreskin.

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What is a penis rash? There are multiple conditions that can cause a rash on the penis or in the groin. Rashes are commonly itchy and can be caused by something as simple as an irritation to certain soaps or something as complex as an infection caused by fungus, an STD or pubic lice.

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An unusual rash, bump, or growth on your penis may have infectious and non-infectious causes, including allergy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Ok, I have had this rash on my penis for about a year now and it keeps getting worse. I went to the doctor and he said it was Tinea Cruris and he said I just need to get Lamasil and apply it twice a day for about a week or two and it should go away.

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A painful rash and redness on the underside of your penis can signal a yeast infection. Yeast is a common fungus , but when it grows too much, it can cause problems.

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The rash can spread along the penis all the way through the groin, even up to the sides of the thighs and lower stomach area, Most of the time, the testicles …

A genital rash is a skin symptom that can be caused by a number of health problems and can occur on any part of the male or female genital area. Rashes are normally reddish in color, may be

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Part of the skin on the head of my penis has become slightly red and is causing some pain/irritation. It first appeared the day after I used a condom so I think I must have had a reaction to the latex or some other substance in the condom.

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