Nipples On Television

Nipples On Television

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Beautiful weather teen Daniela Crudo suffered a second wardrobe malfunction as of recently, after her and her co-host’s nipples were exposed live on TV.

However, I’ll watch TV shows from the 90s (Friends & SATC especially) and I swear, there is a high amount of nipples throwing through shirts! I don’t mind–it’s a nipple, everyone has them–but it just seemed so odd to see on TV.

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The Last Nip Slip returns this week! We apologize for the extended absence and hope that we never have to leave you again. For the sake of the innocent, we will omit some of …

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The 26 Best TV & Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time 5 Chrissy accidentally flashes her nipple during a very important Snapchat a video about her spray tan on Oct. 25, 2017.

During the show, Alex’s nipples began trending on Twitter. "Can’t see Alex Jones wearing that top on The One Show again somehow! Producers using all sorts of angles now, "keep off the nipples!"

Ever since that performance at the Superbowl, wardrobe malfunctions seem to be more and more common on live television and nobody seems to be complaining about them – even the people that they’re happening to.

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Nudity and television have an uneasy relationship. Sex sells, but TV can’t even show nipples. Television has found a happy medium in breast cleavage–that innocent eye candy for emasculated husbands and pre mans alike.

Other times, though, all you have to do to witness some slippage of famous nipples is, um, turn on your television during primetime. We know; it’s a weird concept. In fact, it would seem that TV stations take extreme measures to have the exact OPPOSITE reputation.

Feb 09, 2013 · Top 10 TV Nipple Shots Of All Time 2015

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