My Teen Podcast Teen

My Teen Podcast Teen

In my research for this post, I sampled several podcasts dedicated to teen literature. Finding teen literature-focused podcasts was the main object of my search, although a couple of the podcasts which I will recommend do include discussion of other media.

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My Teen teen Says She Hates Me. Does your teen teen take her anger out on you, and say things like, There is a difference between punishment and earned privileges and I expand on that difference in my podcast: Time to Switch from Consequences to Privileges.

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The Good News for Teens Podcast is a series of 5-10 minute audio Bible devotionals for teenagers. Host, Cameron Cole, youth director at the Church of the Advent, works through chapters and books of the Bible to help encourage the spiritual lives of teenagers.

The Encouraging Christian mans podcast is a weekly source of encouragement and parenting insight for christian mans. The show is co-hosted by Joshua Sheats (a 30-year-old man of 2 ren) and Joshua’s own man, David Sheats (a 73-year-old man of 7 grown ren and grandman of 11).

Welcome to Parenting My Teen. This is a blog dedicated to mothers, mans, and guardians who are dealing with this special period of development in their ren’s lives. We’ve been through it and we know how exciting, wonderful, and extraordinary this time is.

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12 Podcasts That Have Helped My Relationship With My Teen Emma Waverman Listening to a podcast on a long drive means we can ignore each other completely but in a copacetic kind of way—or at least we will have one neutral topic to discuss.

My library teens just interviewed their first “real” local author for their podcast. They were nervous, but did great. Audio editing in audacity isn’t super hard, but there still is a bit of a learning curve for the teens and I.

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Scholastic Choices highlights this podcast as a “Top Podcast to Listen to With Your Teen” (the list is, of course, geared toward parents). “Planet Money does a great job of explaining complicated topics in simple, fascinating ways.

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast My Teen teen Doesn’t like to Socialize. Are you concerned that your son or teen is socially immature? Today we’re answering a question from TH of Stoughton, MA. How do we assist her in finding her passion? My teen is a 10th grader, mostly A student and plays basketball.

Part of the Grantland pop culture podcast arsenal, teens in Hoodies is a delightful weekly discussion from staffers Molly Lambert, Tess Lynch, and Emily Yoshida.

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