Do Women Like Swallowing Cum

Do Women Like Swallowing Cum

Yes.. a lot of women love to swallow the semen of their partner. Though this is a rare act in eastern countries like India, but it’s mere common in western countries.. But these days, major reasons for their interest in swallowing semen in porn.

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Sometimes I gag but I swallow with a smile. I do it because he like it and no I don’t like the taste—sometimes I gag but I swallow with a smile. Swallowing Cum — 37 Women Explain What Drinking Semen Feels Like is as a stroke of conflagration be drawnacross my nude underside. 37 Women Answer The torrent blonde virgin Question: Do

15 Women Reveal Why They Spit Or Swallow During Sex why they prefer to spit or swallow after giving a BJ. There are the obvious reasons some ladies prefer to swallow, like making their men

Not all teens like to swallow cum. And here are the reasons: The smell – if men just take time to smell their own semen, it is noticeable that a man’s cum smells like bleach. The consistency – c’mon, a teen would be lying if she says it is the best consistency ever – since most cum looks and especially feels like the consistency of

Ladies, do you really enjoy cum shots? Why? I just don’t understand it (self.AskWomen) submitted 5 years ago by a7xzeppelin95. I just want to know for sure. Porn makes it seem like women enjoy cum shots or swallowing cum. My ex teenfriend enjoyed it but when I did it, I felt bad. I felt like …

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I like that my manfriend gets turned on by me swallowing. Plus he does so much for me, it’s only fair I do the stuff he likes as well. Its give and take, not just take.

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Down. When a woman goes down on a guy, she’s pretty much got two options. She can spit or she can swallow. Neither option is particularly “classy,” but we do the best with what we have.

"Most women think men are disappointed when a woman doesn’t swallow . Yes, I do really like it when I orgasm in the mouth of a woman and if she swallows, great, but it’s not the end all/be all.

Most women probably do it because it pleases their partner; some do it because they really do like it and the small few could care less if they ever did it again. It takes a gentle, caring man to coax a woman into doing it if she’s adamant about it.

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The 9 Reasons Why Swallowing Cum is a Sign of True Love Thank God for women like you. My wife of 22 years also does what you. The reason we men love it so much is also psychologically. Swallowing tells us how much you love us and we know you are receiving our bodily fluids with gratitude. We love this!!!

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