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Cyclamen Outdoor

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Most folks buy their cyclamen already in bloom, largely because growing from seed is so time-consuming. For the few, however, the challenge to grow from seed is like a call to duty. According to Gerritsen, the key is to plant the seeds in loose, well-draining soil.

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Yard & Outdoors Yard & Outdoors New Outdoor Holiday Decor Nighttime Accents Guide to Our Demeter Collection Exclusive Sale Yard & Garden Decor How to Grow Cyclamen. By Ann Whitman Cyclamen are noted for their distinctive flower forms and patterned foliage. G IVING and receiving flowering plants at the holidays is a time-honored tradition

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Lively treasures for autumn and winter gardens. Used as decoration indoors for a long time, the cyclamen now also enjoy the fresh air on balconies and terraces, even in the beddings in the garden provided these are slightly sheltered.

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Since cyclamen plants are small it is nice to plant some where you can observe them up close, near walkways, entryways and outdoor living areas. Cyclamen also make excellent potted plants. There is much written about cyclamen pot culture and many growers …

In colder areas, such as Zone 5 and North, cyclamen can be planted outdoors in either pots or directly in the ground, but the pots or tubers should be brought indoors in the fall. Otherwise, the cold temperatures will kill the plant.

Growing hardy cyclamen outdoors is simple as long as you follow a few general guidelines. Hardy cyclamen is difficult to propagate from seed, but you can plant bulbs, or …

During the summer, dormant cyclamen can be kept indoors, in a cool, dark spot with good air circulation or outdoors, in a shady spot. If you put yours outdoors, be …

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Very simple advice for busy gardeners. Cyclamen require very little care. 1. Shelter your potted cyclamen from rain and strong winds.. 2. Don’t over-water: let the soil dry a bit between two waterings.. 3. Carefully remove withered flowers and leaves to promote the arrival of new buds.. 4. If a slight frost occurs, just pinch the damaged flowers and leaves and it will flower even more beautifully.

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Cyclamen are low, flowering plants that produce bright, beautiful blooms in shades of red, pink, purple, and white. While they do well in garden beds, plenty of gardeners choose to grow them in containers. Keep reading to learn more about how to grow cyclamen in pots.

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