Asian Melon

Asian Melon

Melon. There is more to the melon family than cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon! Sweet-tasting and fragrant, Asian melons are treat for the taste buds, the nose and the eyes. The colors of the juicy flesh range from a salmon-orange to a pale yellow or white.

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Bitter melon goes by a couple of Chinese names including kǔ guā (苦瓜), a literal translation of “bitter melon” but it also goes by the name of liáng guā (凉瓜) or “cool melon”. Chinese call it “cool melon” not because it’s hip but rather it is a cooling food.

Each of the Asian Melons listed above belong the Cucurbitaceae family which also includes rockmelons, watermelons, muskmelons (honeydew), pumpkin, squash and cucumbers. Despite appearances, the Hairy Melon, Winter Melon and Long Melon are even more closely related, for while they may look very different they are varieties of the same species.

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Mar 06, 2011 · Honda is a very nice little melon. Anyway, I hope Sakata would turn out more like Honda for you, if you decide to grow that one. Sprite is an Asian melon. I sometimes see it in the supermarket here. My understanding is that lots of Sprite melons are grown in your state and it was developed by North Carolina State University.

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Oriental Melon, Hybrid Sweet Honda Extra sweet melon. Yellow skin with golden flesh. Oriental Melon, Hybrid Wonderful No. 1 High quality melon from Asia. Korean Melon, Hybrid Golden Honey Very attractive and sweet fruits. Oriental Melon, Hybrid Arko Beautiful netted fruit with thick green flesh. Very sweet and tasty. Oriental Melon, Hybrid

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Asian Melons Among the earliest of melons to mature, these small, long, oblong melons are popular in Korea and other Asian countries. Moderately sweet, crunchy white flesh.

A favorite Asian variety of Dr. Amy Goldman, author of Melons for the Passionate Grower. These small 3”-4” round melons are very sweet with a high sugar content. Oriental varieties open a whole new dimension to melons as they are amazingly different.

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Asian Veggies Vegetable Seeds COMBO KIT (Basil Thai, Bitter Melon, Michihilli Cabbage, Calabash Squash, Cutting Celery, Chinese Magnolia Vine, Choy Sum, Goji Berry.

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